PLATO Different Ostrava Experience Ephemeral Talks

PLATO will decorate the Chapel of St. Elisabeth with plants and flowers from the Ostrava wilderness. A bouquet as a sacrament (created by Brno’s Efemér).

A taste of the  Ephemeral Talks conceptual flower shop into which the gallery will turn from 21.09. until 27.09.2017 (starts on 20.09, 6 p.m.). The project concept is by garden architect Lucie Králíková (Efemér) and photographer Michaela Karásek Čejková.

A unique opportunity to visit the neo-Gothic chapel from the late 19th century consecrated to Austrian Empress Sissi. The event is held in collaboration with the Moravská Ostrava and Přívoz municipality.

Further PLATO programme at Different Ostrava Experience

17 September 2017, from 6.15 a.m., Komenského sady
At Dawn
Concert in the park at dawn