PLATO concert Dizzcock VJ Kolouch

Prague-based producer Dizzcock, a member of the Czech murky post-rave trio Lightning Glove, has released a new album called Night Rider a few months ago. He became more known to the public thanks to his debut album, Elegy of Unsung Heroes, which won The Vinyla Prize – Czech music critics’ award – in the category Album of the Year in 2015. The present album further develops the style and sound of his previous piece Elegy of Unsung Heroes, released in 2015 and mainly influenced by contemporary progressive black dance music. Night Rider is a step way ahead in the same direction. Night Rider presents faster and more aggressive tracks influenced by the contemporary UK post-grime scene, but also slower, dub-like songs establishing its sound on an almost forgotten early dubstep debut by anonymous producer Burial. The recent material expands Dizzcock‘s previous production to trance and melancholic instrumental trap beats that could be compared to the production of American beatmaker Suicideyear. Dizzcock is also parasitizing on American rap mainstream by sampling vocals of famous MCs like Young Thug and Future.

Dizzcock’s live act will be accompanied by VJ Kolouch who highlights the dystopic atmosphere of the audiovisual set. The projection of their common film (Lumír Nykl belongs to the authors’ trio) Between the World and Me (2016) will be a part of the evening.

The concert will take place within the programme of the exhibition Temporary Store-Room – Drawing: Case Study 2 (Czech-Polish version).

Admission 60 CZK/80 CZK/100 CZK