PLATO concert Mchy i porosty

The Mchy i porosty (Mosses and Lichens) title refers to the work of Bartosz Zaskórski, a young Polish composer of melancholy dance music who often combines it with visuals.

Bartosz Zaskórski, born in 1987, inhabitant of small polish village Żytno and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. He specializes in narrative drawing, narrative audio plays writing and recording, music album cover art, book design as well as audio installations. He is the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków PhD student in Dariusz Vasina and Jakub Woynarowicz workshop. As a musician he performs as ‘Mchy i Porosty’, playing cruel and melancholic danceable music. Recently his first vinyl record was released by Brutaż label. The record tells the story of a black beach.

The concert is also a dernisage of the project Ephemeral Talks (21–27 September 2017).

Selected exhibitions and awards:

Grand Prix Młode Wilki, the Academy of Arts in Szczecin, 2015
“The story of a pipe and other love stories”, CSW Chronicle, Bytom, 2016
“And then it turned out that I died”, CSW Ujazdowski Castle, Warszawa, 2016
Joint exhibition “Snakes, daggers and rose petals”, Bunkier Sztuki, Kraków, 2016
First award of Przypływ competition, Art Main Station, Wrocław, 2016

Suggested admission 30 Kč