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Kindergartens, In the gallery:

Chameleon in front of a Mirror

Educational programme for the Temporary Structures 3 exhibition (cloakroom)

20 Kč / child
45–60 mins

The time and content of the programme can be modified to suit each particular group

Booking and further information:
Iveta Horáková
+420 727 952 712

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A project on colours, embellishing and communication without words. We will make a special costume that will speak for us.

Chameleon is a small reptile whose colouration is closely related to its feelings and moods. The colour change occurs very quickly: it only takes three seconds, yet it characterises accurately chameleon’s present state of mind. Besides mood and environment, the colouration also depends on the animal’s physical condition, on the temperature, intensity and spectrum of light, daytime, time of the year etc. The colours are exceptionally vivid.

Can we also communicate without words? We will create a mask and a costume, an unusual one that will speak for us, and will hide – chameleon-like – in the Cloakroom.

The Cloakroom is a part of the Temporary Structures 3 exhibition cycle, the purpose of which was to build, in collaboration with artists, functional facilities in the gallery’s Bauhaus premises. The Cloakroom is a project by Czech visual artist Klára Hosnedlová.

Keywords: fashion, clothing, communication, metamorphosis, colour symbolism, mask, screening