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Kindergartens, In the gallery:

To the Table!

Educational programme for the Temporary Structures 1 exhibition (bistro)

20 Kč / child
45–60 mins

The time and content of the programme can be modified to suit each particular group

Booking and further information:
Iveta Horáková
+420 727 952 712

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About food, dining and rituals in art and life. Become part of a happening.

The main topics of the To the Table! educational programme are food and collaboration. Here, you won’t hear that kids are not supposed to play with food. About food, rituals and traditions in art and life. Become part of a happening. Come to the gallery to share your time and joy.

The PLATO Café is part of the first exhibition cycle, Temporary Structures 1, when we created the functional amenities in the former Bauhaus together with artists. The café design is by the Polish visual artist Dominika Olszowy.

Key words: collaboration, communication, sharing, ritual, happening, dining, feast