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High Schools, In the gallery:

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November 2021–February 2022

20 Kč / child
60–90 mins

The time and content of the programme can be modified to suit each particular group

Booking and further information:
Iveta Horáková
+420 727 952 712

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We share planet Earth with other organisms and non-living entities. Do these need our support and care? We will reflect on which ones and why and what could such care look like.

Imagine being born in a breeding house like a Chihuahua, or an animal in a zoo, or a chicken in a hatchery and you grow up in a cage—you know nothing else but stress, food and egg-laying.

Let’s be inspired by artists Daniela and Linda Dostálková, who, among other things, have been exploring the strategies of activist organizations focussing on animal protection and rights for several years and let’s create a fictitious animal campaign!

Keywords: representation, emotion, activism, campaign, welfare, care