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High Schools, In the gallery:

Father Fura

Educational programme for the Temporary Structures 2 exhibition (garden)

20 Kč / pupil
60–90 mins

Booking and further information:
Iveta Horáková
+420 727 952 712

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Imagine that you can’t see the disastrous conditions around you, you can only sense them, together with decay and destruction. How will you respond? Will you choose fight, apathy or team spirit? A different approach to ecology in the garden of the future.

It makes no difference whether the decline is caused by an ecological, economic or political crisis. One thing is certain, though: there will be an apocalypse. Sooner of later our world shaped by mankind will change from the stage of the egoistic man to the master of our destiny – deus ex machina. In PLATO, we believe that nature can survive without human efforts, and that the restoration without the human element will actually be much more “natural”.

But what if the apocalypse is not total, and a handful of people are left in a world which has lost all familiar structures, certainties, colours and contours? Could we learn from this? Could we survive? And could we think about others at the same time? Not only about people but also about our surroundings which have taken on a new form? Come and try, we have got a post-apocalyptic garden already.

Key words: survival, collaboration, anthropocene, utopia/dystopia, object-oriented ontology, apocalypse, vanitas, performance, video art, site-specific art, art object