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High Schools, In the gallery:

A Proper Mouthful

Educational programme for the Temporary Structures 1 exhibition (bistro)

20 Kč / pupil
60–90 mins

Booking and futher information:
Iveta Horáková
+420 727 952 712

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About food, feasts and rituals in contemporary art. Educational programme in the gallery café. Feeding as a means of social interaction.

The internationally acclaimed film The Square (2017) by the Swedish director Ruben Östlund, a satirical account of stereotypes found not only in a contemporary art gallery environment, features a scene from an exhibition opening when the crowd of seemingly cultured people can’t handle waiting for a chef inviting them to the tables with refreshments. When the refreshment is ready, the people unscrupulously attack the full tables as if this was the main point of the evening, taking no notice of the angry and still talking chef.

In the programme we will together with students observe when feeding ceases to be only the satisfaction of a basic need, when it becomes a ritual in which the key part is played by sharing, communal spirit, a need to listen and to be heard. With a feast in the gallery and other activities we will observe when and how the consumption of food turns into a social event with many other dimensions and meanings. We will enter the field of contemporary art through food and dining.

A part of the programme will take place in the PLATO Café designed by the Polish visual artist Dominika Olszowy. The café came into existence with the first exhibition cycle, Temporary Structures 1, when we created the functional amenities in the former Bauhaus together with artists.

Key words: food and dining, feast and ritual, communal function, social interaction and communication, tolerance, action art, conceptual art, do it yourself– recycling of architecture, Dominika Olszowy