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Elementary Schools, In the gallery:

Light in the Dark

Educational programme for the Temporary Structures 2 exhibition (garden)

There are two versions of the programme, for the I and II form of primary schools

20 Kč / pupil
60–90 mins

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Iveta Horáková
+420 727 952 712

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“With experiment against decline”. We have prepared for you a survival game. The only piece of information we can reveal is this: if we collaborate, we will survive.

“When you wake up on a day which you definitely know is Wednesday, and everything around you looks like Sunday, you get a feeling that something is wrong.” These are the opening lines of the famous science-fiction book The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, a story about the end of the world. But what if we told you that the end of the world had already started, that we were directly in it and it was happening all around us, without us even noticing?

The specially designed garden in PLATO approaches a dark future positively, giving to what we have destroyed enough time to restore itself. We should realise that there are things that people can still do, and things they can’t do anymore. Work on the garden of the future never ends – but we have to start somewhere.

Key words: apocalypse, garden of the future, restoration, co-create, care, respect, mask, totem