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Historical Slaughterhouse Building to Open Permanently in September


PLATO to get facilities matching European standards. Our activities in the listed heritage building will be launched in September 2022 with the international exhibition ‘Optimised Fables about a Good Life’.

The historical slaughterhouse building (Porážková St. 26) will open for good on 22 September 2022. The regular opening hours will be six days a week, on Wednesdays until 8 pm.

The grand opening of the new PLATO venue and the opening of the first ever exhibition will take place on Wednesday 21 September 2022 at 6 pm. Come join us!

PLATO‘s activities in the listed heritage building will be launched with the international exhibition ‘Optimised Fables about a Good Life’. Entering a new phase of PLATO’s work, we have decided to centre our attention, quite symbolically, on the question of what it means today to have a good life.

The quality of life is not only part of the opening exhibition, but also of the overall approach to the transformation of the slaughterhouse into a contemporary art gallery. How does PLATO contribute to making Ostrava a better place to live?

  • Quality of architecture Robert Konieczny, the designer of the slaughterhouse conversion, and KWK Promes Studio

  • Quality interior design with original furniture Interior designer of the slaughterhouse building: Yvette Vašourková

  • A garden and park of 9,000 m2 set into the surroundings Design: Robert Konieczny and KWK Promes, MS-projekce s. r. o.
    Garden layout: Denisa Tomášková

  • New café It will serve people without any requirement to visit an exhibition or any other gallery programme; like at the previous venue, it will be run as a social business.

  • Ecological and sustainable principles The greenery around the slaughterhouse building has been designed with permaculture principles in mind, to provide a habitat suitable for the life of insects and small urban fauna.
    Greenery will enter the interior of the former slaughterhouse in the form of plants and an eco-friendly grow room.

A series of guided tours will be dedicated to the exhibition, the interior and the landscaping of the surrounding area. Follow our website.

Photo © Lukáš Kaboň, Ostrava City Hall

Investor: The City of Ostrava
Cooperation: PLATO and the Municipal Studio of Spatial Planning and Architecture (MAPPA)