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A residency, or an artist's stay in a specific place, is a common way of supporting artists and their work. For several years, we had been considering whether to actually start residencies, and it wasn't until PLATO moved to its new headquarters with two residency rooms that we were able to create the facilities necessary, and we expanded the concept of residency in a way to make sense to us and the residents.

Thus, from November 2022, PLATO offers facilities for individuals and collectives active in the field of art and culture (and beyond) to participate in our programme and inspire us to change or self-reflection. It is not the exhibitions or the artwork that are of utmost importance, but mutual, or even just symbolic support, changing our institutional behaviour and drawing attention to topics that were not in our focus.

The project is implemented thanks to the support of:
Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic – National recovery plan


Rosario Talevi, curator, architect, educator (Argentina/GER)
Marianna Dobkowska, curator, art historian (PL)
MAK! (Kateřina Vídenová and Adam Wlazel), architects
Vojtěch Radakulan, architect, artist
Kateřina Holá, artist
Emílie Horáčková, social worker
Ksi Prostir (Nadiia Koval, Iva Naidenko), curatorial collective (UA)
Jan Albert Sturma, botanist
Anna Hulačová, artist
Václav Litvan, artist
Martin Kubica, artist
Antonie Bernadová, artist
Polina Davydenko, artist (UA/Czech Rep.)
Denisa Tomášková, permacultural designer
Lenka Škutová, artist and gardener

We operate a residency program 2024 as part of the project “Pioneer Plants”.

Clemens Poole, curator (UA/USA)
Milena Khomchenko, curator (UA)
Alina Stamenova (Dnipro Center for Contemporary Art), communication (UA)
Yulia Krivich, curator (UA)
4x Dnipro Center for Contemporary Art (UA)
Denisa Langrová, artist
Andras Cséfalvay, artist (SK)
Jiří Žák, artist
Kateřina Konvalinová, artist
Lucie Zelmanová, artist
Karolína Matušková, artist
Martin Tománek, artist
Ruta Putramentaite, artist (LT)
Jonáš Richter, artist
Cecilia Bengolea, artist (FR/AR)
Jan Bražina, artist
Annika Eriksson, artist (SE)
Denisa Tomášková, permaculture designer

We operated a residency program 2023 as part of the project “Institution in the Institution—Climate in the Institution—Animal in the Institution”.

Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (UA): Kateryna Skipochka and Alina Stamenova

Special thanks to Goethe-Institut Czech Republic