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Opening hours:
Mon closed
Tue 10 am–6 pm
Wed 10 am–8 pm
Thu 10 am–6 pm
Fri 10 am–8 pm
Sat, Sun 10 am–6 pm

No admission fee when you only go to the Bistro.

Reservations and contact:
(+420) 774 979 000


PLATO Café is run by
Mental Café z.s.
IČ: 07014651


PLATO Café invites you for fine coffee from the local roaster, as well as vegan and veggie cuisine (Tue–Sun) and homemade desserts. Barrier-free access, Wi-Fi, (artist-made) children's play carpet available, roofed garden.

Customised birthday parties

A different kind of party for children: In the gallery, with a creative programme (60/90 min) and refreshments. For groups of 10 children max., aged 6 to 12. Please book at least 15 days in advance. Contact us at info@plato-ostrava.cz.


You can rent or book the Bistro for small or big groups; we will provide catering. Contact us at info@plato-ostrava.cz.

The Bistro is a work of art by Dominika Olszowy.

photo: Martin Polák