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The library of materials is a physical catalogue of samples of leftover and waste materials from companies based in Ostrava mostly. Visitors can examine these materials in PLATO and if interested in any, get them for free. Persons interested must first agree with the company about the volume required and then come and collect it.

The library is open to artists and general public alike. The sample book of the library expands as new materials are added. The library of materials is meant as a practical tool, but it is also an effort to reduce the economy of growth. We want to reflect on waste production and its possible following use.

Types of materials:

paper sheets after cutting; laminated particle board; plastic sawdust, shavings and edgings; car industry microfiltration systems waste; self-adhesive film; carpentry production scrap material; glass production waste; advertising panels segments; leftovers of fabrics and threads; metal wires of various diameters and lengths; plastic films, sawdust and wood shavings; cartridges; polycarbonates; steel shavings, cinder, cans; upholstery textile; metal material; Teflon material; plastic scrap material; steel shavings and lead dust; metal dust and other

How does it work:

  1. Come to PLATO (entry fee is recommended only; the minimum is CZK 1). Our staff will direct you to the library at the entrance.
  2. Choose a material from samples in boxes and write down contact details of the company. Each sample has its catalogue entry that includes contact details of the company, information about material composition, monthly volume produced by the company, and other specifications.
  3. Contact the company and agree when you will collect the required amount of the material you chose. The cost of transport is covered by you.
  4. Please note that the company may not always have the material available and that the decision to provide the material is an expression of the company’s goodwill.

The library is intended for:

  • Artists and creative public
  • DIY (wo)men
  • Institutions, companies, workshops, sheltered workshops
  • Schools

Are you a company or do you know of a company?

Are you a company and want to participate at the library of materials project? Do you have a suggestion which company we could address? Please, contact us at: info@plato-ostrava.cz.


Companies represented in the library of materials (as of 11/5/2021):

A.B. – DENT s.r.o.
ALBA CR spol. s r.o.
BlackCard s.r.o.
BOIS Opava a.s.
Clearmont, spol. s r.o.
Czech Polymer, s.r.o.
ENESPO, s.r.o.
For Plastic a.s.
Jiří Tesarčík – Sklenářství Vratimov
IKEA Ostrava
Kamenictví Vratimov – Martin Badura
LENA – Lenka Sowová
LINARTS, s.r.o.
MACH-TĚSNĚNÍ spol. s r.o.
Markéta Mecová – BELTERRA – židle, stoly
Martin Soukup – Truhlářství REMONT
Martin Vaněk – Truhlářství a sklenářství Hranol
Melon s.r.o.
P.J.P. s.r.o.
Pro Dara bags s.r.o.
PROMEDIA – Světelné reklamy a.s.
SaSMONT s. r.o.
SATJAM, s.r.o.
Sklenářství a rámování Lucie Tůmová
Stračena Garden
Točená keramika—Lenka Elfmarková
TRAIVA, s.r.o.
Valter Špalek – Plexi
Weppler Czech s.r.o.

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Moravian-Silesian Region

Library of materials is a project by artists and curators Jakub Adamec and Pavel Sterec.



photo: Matěj Doležel
photo: Magdaléna Dušková
photo: Matěj Doležel
photo: Matěj Doležel