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Press Release:

Keyhole in PLATO: a space connecting art and the surrounding garden


A space on the border between a garden workshop, a shed and an exhibition hall. A backdrop for gardening, growing, play and art. All this is Keyhole, a new creative and research project in PLATO. The public can garden in the Keyhole, invent their own activities, participate in events or explore art close to the garden. The architect of the space, Vojtěch Radakulan, has also placed here his own interactive game elements—an oracle and a map of the garden. The first exhibition to enter the Keyhole is Silent Arrangement by sculptor and florist Anna Ročňová. The opening of the space and exhibition on Wednesday, April 24 at 6 pm will be accompanied by an artist-led guided tour and campfire.

Press release (in Czech)

Photodocumentation of the exhibition (c) PLATO

Photo (c) Dominika Goralska, PLATO

The Keyhole and Anna Ročňová: Silent Arrangement (c) Dominika Goralska, PLATO