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D’epog and Martin Blažíček exist in PLATO

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Recommended admission 30 CZK


The D’epog theatre platform and audiovisual artist Martin Blažíček move on the interface of stage and virtual reality. Confrontation with the specific space of PLATO.

The objective of this project combining several genres is to examine the possibilities of the audience’s reception and its limits in regard to the question of how identical information and its impact change in different communication media. On a background of strictly defined time and space conditions, completely autonomous performers conceptually create conditions of danger, and acting within the limits of parareality are confronted with uncertainty and risk as a challenge.

The team:
Radim Brychta, Janet Prokešová, Zdeněk Polák, Zuzana Smutková, Lucia Repašská, Matyáš Dlab, Martin Blažíček

Organised by the D'epog theatre in collaboration with PLATO.