• City Gallery of Contemporary Art




Tomasz Rakowski: Disclosing New Areas of Culture – project of creative ethnography

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Recommended admission 30 CZK


Lecture of Tomasz Rakowski, a Polish ethnologist, anthropologist and professor of Warsaw University.

The lecture will try to describe artistic and social projects in such a way that the language of description exceeds the rigidity of descriptions from the area of art criticism, cultural migration and also from the field of anthropology and social sciences. Generally speaking, we will seek key words which would better capture the experience of being and behaviour on the border between art, ethnography and everyday life.

Tomasz Rakowski will present examples of projects of Polish participative art including Łukasz Skąpski and Kolektyw Terenowy, Alice Rogalski and Łukasz Surowec, Daniel Rycharski and Szymon Maliborski. These examples are associated with the area of experimental collaboration which gives rise to a new, unpredictable sense of events.