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I shout “That‘s me!”. About Czech fanzines

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Recommended admission fee: 30 CZK

The lecture is connected to the Temporary Structures 1 show (shop).


Lecture by publicists Miloš Hroch and Pavel Turek on the first book dedicated to the history of Czech fanzines called I shout “That‘s me!”

The book, published in November 2017 by PageFive, for the first time takes its readers through the uncharted waters of the Czech fanzine scene, i.e. unofficial amateur magazines. It brings to light stories of those who fell for computer games or wrote sci-fi stories, who obsessively compiled their own metal music charts, who were driven to street demonstrations by hardcore punk music or who wanted to change the status of women in society, and who then wrote about it in their magazines.

The bilingual publication in Czech and English can be purchased from our shop.