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Space Dissonance #4: Microtonal Oceans

  • cancelled
  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission fee 60–80–100 CZK


We regret to inform you that the concert has been reschedulled for Autumn 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

The latest works by Berlin music scene composers Catherine Lamb, Bryan Eubanks and Rebecca Lane from the Sacred Realism label.

The concert from the cycle of compositions selected by Polish music curator Daniel Brożek.


Laura Steenberge—Light and Chant Studies 1’ (20 min)
Bryan Eubanks: Object (30 min)
Intermission Catherine Lamb: Prisma Interius IV (60 min)


Rebecca Lane, microtonal bass flute, voice
Bryan Eubanks, voice, secondary rainbow synthesizer
Catherine Lamb, voice, viola

Another installment of Space Dissonance cycle will present recent works for bass flute, violin and rainbow synthesizer of young composers working under Sacred Realism label which investigates sounds on the edge of perception in tradition of experimental, just intonation and microtonal music. Intended to “extend the harmonic space and shapes occurring in the musical piece (defined by the acoustic instrumentalists in the room) to discover the edges of our listening perceptions, by pulling an infinite thread to it,”, the concert will expose yet another dimension of PLATO main hall acoustics in deep listening form.
Daniel Brożek

Catherine Lamb (*1982, Olympia, WA. U.S.) / Berlín

Bryan Eubanks (*1977, US) / Berlín

Rebecca Lane (*1980, Melbourne, Australia) / Berlín