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Friday Cinema:

The Accused (Czechoslovakia, 1964)

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

91 min

In Czech language

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Drama based on novel by Lenka Hašková with Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos as directors.

A story about a highly professional and morally irreproachable man who seems to be a cheater by the then laws. Director Kudrna is to start the operation of a new power plant in the shortest timeframe possible. He can pay his employees extra premiums, but his closest inferiors use it to unlawfully enrich themselves. Kudrna‘s superiors from the Ministry, who indirectly caused the situation, don’t back him either. The trial with the director who is clearly innocent reveals facts that weren’t spoken about publicly yet, such as the links between the ruling party and law abuse and other party’s practices. The film plot is built as a traditional courtroom drama: most of it takes place in the courtroom and consists of witnesses’ testimonies.

Drama / Psychological
Director: Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos
Screenplay: Ján Kadár, Elmar Klos, Vladimír Valenta
Director of Photography: Rudolf Milič
Music: Zdeněk Liška
Cast: Vlado Müller, Zora Jiráková, Martin Štěpánek, Jaroslav Blažek, Pavel Bártl, Milan Jedlička, Miroslav Macháček, Jiří Menzel ad.

In cooperation with the National Film Archive.