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Citywide event:

Ostrava Museum Night 2023 in PLATO

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26
  2. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

Guided tours with historians and conservationists. Guided tour of the Dan Walwin exhibition. Workshop at PLATO Bauhaus. Final ending.

5-9.50 pm
Free tour of exhibitions and buildings
PLATO – new headquarters: monographic exhibition by artist Dan Walwin
PLATO Bauhaus: an exhibition of diploma works by the students of the Faculty of Arts of Ostrava University

5 and 8 pm
PLATO – new headquarters
Guided tours on the history of the building
Two guided tours of the new PLATO headquarters. Conducted by historians and conservationists Romana Rosová and Martin Strakoš, authors of the historical survey of the former slaughterhouse.
Fully booked

5-9.45 pm
PLATO Bauhaus
Don't throw it away, pass it on!
No booking

6.30 pm
PLATO – new headquarters
Guided tour of the exhibition
A tour of Dan Walwin's major monographic exhibition with PLATO lecturer Jiří Gruber
The reservation is open

9.50 pm
PLATO – new headquarters
Final ending
Closing the rotating walls, a unique architectural element of the gallery's new headquarters
No booking