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Public Speech – its modes and its protection: social networks and the internet

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22
Organized by:
Akademické fórum, a platform of FLÚ AVČR

Admission free


What good and bad do social networks bring us? How do the new networks and media actually differ from the old ones? And in what ways have new media and social networks changed or are changing the world?

At the time of its emergence, new social networks generated excitement and hope. Today, they are a everyday part of the lives of a huge number of people but the earlier enthusiasm has been often replaced by disappointment and fear. Social networks can bring people together as well as cause divisions. Countless examples show that the new media allow lies, propaganda and hatred to be spread more or less without restraint. Our experiences are different, often contradictory, but they are richer than at the beginning.

Hosts: Vladimír Mikeš and Jaroslav Rytíř

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