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Price: 45 CZK / 1 piece

Where: PLATO Café, Porážková St. 26

The Café is freely accessible, meaning you can buy a bio lettuce without seeing an exhibition.

Opening hours:
Mon closed Tue 10 am–6 pm
Wed 10 am–8 pm
Thu 10 am–6 pm
Fri 10 am–6 pm
Sat, Sun 10 am–6 pm

+420 774 979 000


Buy your fresh, ecologically grown lettuce from our production. You will find the hydroponic wall in the café in the main building.

Hydroponic farming is among the most sustainable methods of growing plants, without soil, in water-based mineral nutrient solutions. The main benefits of this method include reduced water consumption, shorter transport distance, no need of plant protection sprays, and quick growth. The green vertical wall also lowers the temperature of its surroundings. If you arrive for your lettuce by public transport or on a bike, together, we will reduce your carbon footprint associated with the production and distribution of the lettuce to a bare minimum.

By growing lettuce, we deal with the burden of the original purpose of the site, which once served as the municipal slaughterhouse. From animal production we have forever shifted to local and socially responsible plant production. The interior design includes hanging plants, whose function is aesthetic as well as ecological, because they help to create a pleasant microclimate.

Interior design by architect Yvette Vašourková.

Photo: Matěj Doležel, PLATO