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Martin Groch: Mothers and Daughters

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

Opening on 16/10 at 6 pm

Daniela and Linda Dostálková

Exhibition in cloakroom (an artwork by Klára Hosnedlová)

Recommended admission fee 30 CZK


Martin Groch’s work for the PLATO cloakroom.

Martin Groch displays his fascination with the intimate relationship between two women; their depiction can be perceived as exaggerated, and perhaps even rather inappropriate. Mothers and Daughters are loving, crying, grieving, and primarily constantly hurting themselves. The artist's view of their daily coexistence can be seen as multiplied – two women in alternating dominant or submissive positions. The depicted personalities of mothers and daughters often have an exaggerated makeup, hairstyles or jewellery, and thus refer to the artist's fascination with cartoon characters, which ironically brings them closer to reality. The Mothers and Daughters series was originally created as black-and-white drawings made by calligraphic felt-tip pen on paper and then transferred by silkscreen printing onto the wall of the Studio Oléne cloakroom. The chosen technique reflects perfectly the inverse relationship between the two women: big emotions on a small format. Martin Groch obviously loves his characters the way they are.

Martin Groch (born 1990, SK) is a graphic designer and illustrator. In the past he collaborated with the HORT studio, Berlin, he designed the visual identity of the Sudek Project (Prague City Gallery), a series of posters for the VI PER Gallery, etc. He contributed to the design of Živel magazine. He presently lives in Maastricht.

The rear wall of the functional cloakroom, being a work of art by Klára Hosnedlová entitled Studio Oléne, is a backdrop, or a place where we showcase a single work or project created by artists, designers or photographers who are interested in fashion, surfaces, the consumer world and stylisation as the characteristic features of today.