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Petr Písařík: The Name of the Skin

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

Marek Pokorný

Recommended admission: 30 CZK

The intervention is connected with Temporary Structures 3 (cloakroom).


Petr Písařík’s work for the PLATO cloakroom (Oléne Studio).

Petr Písařík’s work from 2018 was selected as a comment on the cloakroom space designed by Klára Hosnedlová. We opted for a dialogue between soft spatial aesthetics typical of the designer from the youngest generation with Petr Písařík’s interest in surfaces creating illusions and offering optical delights. We are intrigued by the tension between how a protagonist of the youngest generation, for whom fascination with design is part of everyday experience with the world of consumerism, views the world of luxury, and how in turn Petr Písařík (*1968) explores distance which both fuels and complicates desire. In addition, the title of Písařík’s object expands the field of meaning with literary references and an unexpected historical depth. The surface as a surface is deceptive, the illusion vanishes in the vertigo of time, and the materials of which it was made confirm the ephemerality of everything.



photo: Martin Polák
photo: Martin Polák
photo: Martin Polák