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A better city for animals and people – we are planning an interspecies demonstration


The Happening for Better Lives for People and Animals in the City as part of Saturday's all-day Public Editorial Meeting II follows the current exhibition Fugitive, Found a Hideout, Still Escaping. The afternoon parade through the centre of Ostrava will be preceded by a creative preparatory workshop starting at 10am.

Slogans, shouts, masks and dancing—there are many ways we can express our attitude. In the workshop that will precede the interspecies demonstration, we will try them all out with artist David Přílučík and barber, tattooist and dancer Fuki, the authors of the event. The actual parade starts at 2 p.m. at the PLATO building at 26 Porážková Street, from where we will march through the city centre to the New Town Hall on Prokeš Square.

Friendly public space, good air or plenty of urban greenery are also topics that the art event will focus on. During the workshop, participants will define and then formulate their own proposals for improving the quality of life in Ostrava for humans and other species. In addition to the authors of the event, representatives of civic initiatives and committed individuals, such as Pavel Pernický from the Marius Konvoj art group or Blanka Kissová from the Futra alternative club and low-care facility in Orlová, will help them prepare an open letter to the citizens and political representation of the city. The event is also attended by Eva Kot'áátková and other artists represented in the exhibition Fugitive, found a hiding place, still escaping.

“Demonstration is one of the legitimate tools for promoting the interests of civil society and also a means of dialogue that should always precede important changes,” say the authors of the event Let's cultivate the art of demonstration together and learn how to express our opinions in public space non-violently, creatively and effectively.

Saturday 1/27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Animals and people of all ages are welcome.

Photo: Martin Polák, PLATO