• City Gallery of Contemporary Art




Paints/Varnishes\Sounds: Genot Centre & Radio Wave

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission 60–80–100 CZK

The programme is part of PLATO’s launch week in the former Bauhaus.


Contemporary experimental and underground electronica in collaboration with Genot Centre and Radio Wave.

YlangYlang (CA), Jakub Lemiszewski (PL), Wrong Dials (PL), Ida Elastic (CZ), Barbora Polcerová (CZ) + Wim Dehaen (BE) with the opensecrets2000 project.

The sounds of the Prague label Genot Centre will fill the space in the former Bauhaus. The collective which is behind the series of all-nighter concerts SilentNight has been presenting contemporary digital underground (from purely abstract to the latest post-club music) in the form of site-specific concerts and cassette releases. The “Paints/Varnishes” section of the former hobbymarket will be the backdrop for the Czech premiere of the Canadian ambient artist YlangYlang and the Polish footwork experimenter Jakub Lemiszewski. His new release will be launched in Ostrava by the Polish supragenre eclectic Wrong Dials. The Czech scene will be showcased by the club curator Ida Elastic and the duo Barbora Polcerová and Wim Dehaen with the opensecrets_2000 trance project.

YlangYlang (CA)
The Canadian queen of pop-ambient and music abstraction will perform in Ostrava as part of her premiere European tour. In her adventurous work one of the most remarkable voices in contemporary cassette scene mixes intimate lyrics with vocal loops in magical soundscapes blurring the boundaries between sound precision and Lo-Fi.

Wrong Dials aka wd40 (PL)
The mixed-style project by the boss of the Polish Dym records, Mateusz Rosiński, oscillates between dreamy ambient loops and improvised techno deconstructions spiced up with noise passages. In Ostrava Wrong Dials will launch his new cassette for Genot Centre.

Jakub Lemiszewski (PL)
Jakub Lemiszewski is by far the most original figure on the European footwork scene. In his wild sets he manages to combine rapid-fire rhythms beyond 160 bpm with precise sound design in the spirit of the sterile German school around the Raster Noton lable and with multicoloured digital psychedelia.

opensecrets2000 (CZ/BE)
Wim Dehaen and Barbora Polcerová (known for her Enchanted Lands project) are members of the hardcore of the Genot Centre collective. In their new project these stylistic iconoclasts cut through hyperdigital ambient landscapes with live generated trance arpeggios beyond the limits of euphoria.

Ida Elastic (CZ)
Ida Elastic is a multimedia artist, organiser of the Estrogen fem powered club nights and an unpredictable DJ with most adventurous selections east of Aš. In the former Paints and Varnishes department she will take you from pure abstraction to the dance floor.