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Cooking? Lačes!

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Reservation required at info@plato-ostrava.cz

Admission fee 60 CZK

The workshop is connected with one of the exhibitions of Temporary Structures 1 (bistro).


Cooks and social workers Květa Horváthová and Olga Geciová will lead a workshop in which you will learn how to cook the traditional Roma dish pišot.

Gastronomy, food and dining are not employed as means of expression by artists from the area of contemporary visual art only sporadically but are used more and more often.

Judy Chicago, one of the first feminist artists, portrayed through dining the society’s deficit concerning women. Rirkrit Tiravanija, a world-famous artist of Thai origin, attempts to disturb, with the use of green curry and pad thai, the stereotypical perception of galleries and “high” art, turning galleries into spaces for sharing.

Dominika Olszowy syntheticized through PLATO Café a fragment of an art institution, a temple of commerce and an art display into a single whole. Social workers Olga and Květa will prepare in it, together with you, pišot, a traditional dish of little-known Roma cuisine.

In collaboration with Vzájemné soužití o.p.s.