• City Gallery of Contemporary Art




Space dissonance #2 / Ensemble Mosaik

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission fee 60–80–100 CZK


Contemporary classical music. Ensemble Mosaik from Berlin as an example of the best of the German music scene. Electro-acoustic dialogue with the space of the former DIY store.

The second concert from this year’s cycle of compositions selected by Polish music critic Daniel Brożek will present five young composers active in Berlín: Joanna Bailie (GB), Kaj Duncan David (DK), Rama Gottfried (USA), Sarah Nemtsov (D) and Johan Svensson (SWE).


Joanna Bailie: Trains (2014)
for violoncello and audio-recording

Kaj Duncan David: Loops and atmospheres (2017)
for violin, keyboards and lights

Rama Gottfried: Prototype 1, 2011 (2011/2015)
for violoncello, percussions and electronics

Johan Svensson: Down (2012)
for violin and electronics

Sarah Nemtsov: White eyes erased (2014/2015)
for keyboards and percussions

Performed by: Ensemble Mosaik
Chatschatur Kanajan, violin
Mathis Mayr, violoncello
Roland Neffe, percussions/drums
Ernst Surberg, keyboards

Ensemble Mosaik established in 1997 is one of the most interesting independent ensembles of contemporary music in Germany. Its specialized repertoire mostly involves compositions tailor-made for the group. Ensemble Mozaik members take an interest in directions which expand new music, such as conceptual art, performance, music theatre, digital media and post-internet art.

Daniel Brożek is an important Polish music critic, editor of the Glissando magazine on contemporary music and author of the Canti Illuminati blog. He is one of the curators of the Survival Art Review festival in Wroclaw. He works together with a research studio in the field of sound art at Wroclaw University. He publishes his music albums under the Czarny Latawiec alias, creates installations and soundtracks for theatre plays. He lives and works in Wroclaw.