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Cine-Friday with artist’s commentary :

Martin Blažíček: Czech Film Underground of the 1980s

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Films are in the original Czech version, 70 min

The event is connected with Temporary Structures 5 (cinema).

Admission fee to projections is included in the gallery admission.


A commented projection of reconstructed Super-8 films by the filmmakers, who were active in the Czech underground culture of the 80s. Hosted by Martin Blažíček, the dramaturgist of the event.

From the early 1980s onwards, a large group of filmmakers was active in the Czech underground culture, making up an organic network of projections, festivals and creative groups. Commented projection of recently reconstructed Super-8 films from the period. Hosted by Martin Blažíček, the dramaturgist of the event.

Martin Blažíček received a Master’s degree in film editing at the FAMU academy, Prague (1997–2005) and Ph.D. in the audiovisual media from the Centre of the Audiovisual Studies at FAMU (2009–2014), where he currently lectures. With experience from experimental film, he has presented live film and video since 2000. He is a former member of the art groups Ultra (2000–2002) and Mikroloops (2007–2011), and performs with Kolektiv, an open and live-coding group. He lives and works in Prague.

In collaboration with the National Film Archive.