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Space Dissonance #3: Maulwerker (Berlin)

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission fee 60–80–100 CZK

The concert is connected with the Temporary Structure 6 (stage).


The experimental vocal ensemble Maulwerker works with spatial sounds, expanded vocal techniques and theatrical forms. Third concert from the series of the Polish curator Daniel Brożek.

In PLATO gallery indescribable acoustics they will present spatialised versions of their repertoire based on Fluxus sound actions, procedural scores and body organs compositions in a form of performative interplay of space, voice and action.

La Monte Young: Poem for Chairs, Tables and Benches (1960)

Dieter Schnebel: Stumme Schreie (2008)
for 1 solo performer

Alessandro Bosetti: Trinitaire (2015)
3 voices

Michael Hirsch: Intérieur à 3 (2015)
for 3 speakers/performers and fixed media

Christian Kesten: feld 037 grundlos (2010)
3 voices, 4 loudspeakers

Alex Nowitz: Tante Marianne (2010)
for 1 female voice and 4-channel fixed media
after a painting by Gerhard Richter

Steffi Weismann: folie (2016/19)
version for 4 performers, voices and objects

Dieter Schnebel: Maulwerke (1968-74)
version for PLATO Ostrava 2019

Henrik Kairies: Rain (2000)
for 4 voices and fixed media

Ariane Jessulat
Henrik Kairies
Christian Kesten
Katarina Rasinski

The Maulwerker ensemble was founded late in 1977. The Maulwerker spring from highly diverse artistic backgrounds such as singing, composition, performance, intermedia arts, instrumental music, acting and directing. Besides their activities in the ensemble, each Maulwerker is also active as a soloist, and the ensemble sees itself as a partnership of individual artistic personalities. In addition to the classics of new (vocal) music and experimental music theater, the Maulwerker repertoire focuses on more recent trends, and therefore on active collaboration with composers, radio dramatists, sound artists and directors, as well as on works created by members of the ensemble itself. A lively workshop and teaching activity accompanies their work.

Daniel Brożek is an important Polish music critic, editor of the Glissando magazine on contemporary music and author of the Canti Illuminati blog. He is one of the curators of the Survival Art Review festival in Wroclaw. He works together with a research studio in the field of sound art at Wroclaw University. He publishes his music albums under the Czarny Latawiec alias, creates installations and soundtracks for theatre plays. He lives and works in Wroclaw.