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What to Do with the Number of Likes when the End of the World Is Near

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

The discussion is related to the exhibition Milena's Song (until 13/6).

Recommended admission fee 30 CZK


How the “new” stereotype is visualised? Panellists: Hana Janečková, Marie Lukáčová and Petr Bittner. Presenter Anna Remešová.

A discussion of the moving image, its social potential and emancipation possibilities. What is the “new” visualisation of stereotypes? And which visual methods are best suited to express oppression and inequality so that a video circulating on the internet does not become humiliating and succeeds in sparking off an unstigmatising debate?

Hana Janečková, art theorist, curator and artist
Marie Lukáčová, artist
Petr Bittner, philosopher and publicist

Presenter Anna Remešová, editor-in-chief of Artalk.cz.

In collaboration with Artyčok.tv (as part of Video Open Call 2018 Artyčok.tv)