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New Year's Concert:

Lorenz plays Lucier and Feldman

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

6.30 pm
Pre-concert talk (40 min)

7.30 pm
New Year's Concert

Admission fee 60–80–100 CZK


Solo concert performed by cellist Matthias Lorenz (Dresden). Pre-concert talk with Petr Bakla.


Alvin Lucier: Glacier (2009)
Morton Feldman: Intersection 4 (1953)
Morton Feldman: Projection 1 (1950)
Charlotte Seither: krü (2018)
Albrecht Kunze: Schatten 2/4/5 (1992)

Performed by Matthias Lorenz, cello.

In a city with a lot of interesting venues the PLATO has a very special one: The former Bauhaus – just one big hall with incredible acoustics. But also very problematic acoustics for most pieces. So this program is specially designed for a hall like that with an endless reverb. It combines quiet and scarse pieces like the two pieces by Feldman that leave space for each sound/group of sounds with Kunze – a minimalist piece that will fill the hall with mostly one pitch – with on the other hand “krü” by Charlotte Seither and “Glacier” by Alvin Lucier. These two works use the place they are played in so to speak as an extension of the instrument. Although the sound impact still comes from the cello, most explicitly in Lucier the hall is made sounding itself, everything that’s coming back interfering with the ongoing playing and thus creating sound you never would have expected from a cello.

So the audience can ingest formal and intellectual nourishment as well as have a big adventure into sound.

Matthias Lorenz

Matthias Lorenz (1964) studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt (Main). Since completing his studies in 1999, Lorenz has been a freelance artist. The principal focus of his work, both as a theorist and performer, is contemporary music. Solo performances and radio recordings have taken him throughout Europe. Since 1996, he has been involved in three productions with the Frankfurt Ballet. He also ventures occasionally into rock, pop, and electroacoustic music. In 2001 he founded the elole-pianotrio. Since 2011 he is playing with Ostravska Banda.

Special thanks to the Czech-German Fund for the Future and HIS Voice.



Photo: Matěj Doležel, PLATO
Photo: Matěj Doležel, PLATO
Photo: Matěj Doležel, PLATO