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Moments of collective pleasure in the time of the industry of happiness (part 1)

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Event is part of retreat A Heap Made of a Grain of Sand.


Lecture and discussion about possible responses to fatigue, dissatisfaction and spleen in the culture of individuation and acceleration.

Jakub Černý is a psychologist, social worker and therapist. He worked in the field of drug use, dependencies, and mental health. As a supervisor, lecturer and activist he supports projects related to social change and emancipation of people with personal experience with the above mentioned, e.g. in the Street Support project. Černý is one of the founding members of Narativ, an association dedicated to the development of collaborative and dialogue-led practice in the Czech Republic, to structural and political aspects of mental health and the related support system. He is active in Ostrava and Brno.