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Lecture and Presentation:

Nina Gažovičová and Markus Dressen (Spector Books)

  • cancelled
  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Recommended admission fee 30 CZK

Workshop is part of the Intensities cycle.


We are sorry to announce that the program is canceled due to hygienic restrictions.

Lecture of historian and bidder Nina Gažovičová (SK) on the art market and presentation of graphic designer Markus Dressen and Leipzig publishing house Spector Books.

5 pm

Nina Gažovičová: The Market Never Sleeps

Why is the art market important and how does it influence the situation on the contemporary art scene? Why today we cannot ignore the existence of the market and why we are still unable to come to terms with a price tag “attached” to artworks? Historian and author of The Market Never Sleeps (2019) Nina Gažovičová will try to explain the market environment in a wider context, describe its functioning, its relation to institutional environment, its basic principles, and its inner logic. Gažovičová will briefly outline the historical context and will explain how our contemporary view of the market was shaped by forty years of the socialist regime and how did this view re-constitute itself after 1989.

6.30 pm

Markus Dressen (Spector Books) – Towards a school of publishing: Twelve tasks of the publisher

Presentation of graphic designer and Leipzig publishing house Spector Books.

Prof. Markus Dressen has been involved in graphic design since 1999. Since 2001 he is co-editor of Spector cut+paste. What is Spector? It can be an office, a magazine, a publishing house, a network or even a temporary venue in Leipzig. Even so, work on publications on contemporary fine art, design and theory, is still at the core of Spector. Since 2006 he has been senior lecturer at the Leipzig Academy. Markus has received numerous national and international awards for his design work, such as the Golden Letter in the competition for Best Book Design From All Over The World in 2004.