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Participatory performance:

Karolina Brzuzan: Long Pork

∆ Reservation required at info@plato-ostrava.cz

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With the Polish artist Karolina Brzuzan we will reconstruct several dishes from her “Starvation cookbook” and will come close to the daily experience of millions of people.

Głodowa Książka Kucharska (Starvation cookbook) by Karolina Brzuzan is a collection of tastes which accompany people in the periods when governments fail. Brzuzan has been collecting recipes devised and used in situations of an extreme lack of food for several years. Through this practice she points out the moments when economic and political processes trigger the poverty of large social groups, or even nations. As a sculptor she is interested not only in the political background of tastes which she has gathered, but also in their material particularities. She explores how sensory experience can expand our awareness of social systems and the abuse of power.