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Live performance:

Jessica Ekomane (France) and 9T Antiope (Iran)

  • cancelled
  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Reservation recommended at info@plato-ostrava.cz

Admission fee 80–100–120 CZK

Concert is part of the Intensities exhibition cycle.


We are sorry to announce that the program is canceled due to the latest government measures.

French sound artist and experimenter Jessica Ekomane and Paris-based Iranian duo 9T Antiope (Sara Bigdeli Shamloo and Nima Aghiani).

While Jessica Ekomane will present her precise minimalist compositions in her quadrophone show based on phase shift, 9T Antiope can be expected to provide an intense musical experience based on the contrast of dense sound layers by Nima Aghiani and gentle vocals of Sara Bigdeli Shamloo. Concert will be presented by Jan Lichý, dramaturge of the evening.

Jessica Ekomane

Berlin-based French composer and sound artist Jessica Ekomane makes great use of psycho-acoustic properties of human hearing in her sound installations and quadrophone shows: by mutual influence of harmony and dissonance, rhythmic and arhythmic structures and melody and noise Ekomane changes the perception of the audience and creates extreme soundscapes. Although Jessica Ekomane dedicates herself to sound art and music for a limited time, she has already exhibited in a number of important institutions (Institute of Contemporary Art Newton in Sydney, S A V V Y Contemporary in Berlin, KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin), she performed at a number of festivals (Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria, Electronic Music Week in Shanghai and CTM in Berlin) and participated at sound installation for the German pavilion at the International Biennale of Art in Berlin. In autumn 2019 she released her debut album with Important Records.


9T Antiope

The Iranian experimental duo 9T Antiope is characterised by their multi-layered compositions made of dense electro-acoustic music by Nima Aghiani and crystal-clear singing of Sara Bigdeli Shamloo. The duo fully dedicates themselves to music since 2014 when they released their debut LP Syzgys. Since then they have released another four LPs, including three albums acclaimed by music critics and released at the course of nine months in 2019. 9T Antiope presented their work at genre-related music festivals such as Sonic Art in Amsterdam (2019), CTM in Berlin (2019) and Mutek in Barcelona (2018). Besides their independent personal projects, they also compose film and theatre music. In Ostrava, 9T Antiope will present their album Nocebo as well as their latest album Placebo.




Jessica Ekomane (c) Camille Blake
9T Antiope (c) Ashkan Noroozkhani

Jan Lichý studied Japanese studies at the Charles University in Prague and at Hokkaido University in Sapporo in 1990s and has dedicated his professional career to this field. It is the connection to Japan and its musical subcultures and live experimental scene that have most influenced Lichý’s musical scope. Jan Lichý, owner of a large collection of LPs, is a fixture in and a frequent commentator on the Czech and international music scene, focussing especially on experimental electronic music and hybrid musical genres on the border of electronic and contemporary classic music.

Special thanks to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Moravian-Silesian Region for support.

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