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All-day workshop for children:

Child All Inclusive

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For children aged 6 to 13 (including preschoolers)

Capacity 15 children

In Czech only

300 CZK (child up to 9 years old)
320 CZK (child from 10 years old)

The price includes a lunch.

If some families are in a complicated financial situation, we can individually agree on a reduced course fee.

If you report 2 or more children, please fill in the registration form separately for each of the children.


Creative, all-day programme for a small group of children aged 6 to 13 in PLATO. 

Theme: painting
Guest: artist Ivo Škuta

Theme: drawing
Guests: artists Lívie Škutová and Hynek Chmelař

Theme: sculpture
Lecturers: Iveta Horáková and Alice Sovadinová

Photo: Jakub Frank, PLATO