• City Gallery of Contemporary Art



Workshop for families with children:


  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Reservation required at info@plato-ostrava.cz

Capacity 10 children (2,5–4 years of age)

Duration 50 minutes

Recommended admission fee 30 CZK


Miss Dot and Mr Point meet again for a walk after the holidays… And we will walk to Plato with them!

Large white canvas, red and blue colour and the shape of a circle. We will mix colours, paint circles, wheels and rings, print them, frottage them, colour stencils and connect them all into one large painting.

Miss Dot and Mr Point will accompany children throughout the cycle consisting of several art workshops in PLATO. It is possible to participate in selected workshops or the entire cycle. In each workshop, we will introduce two colours and one shape. We will offer a huge drawing area, many kinds of brushes, foam stamps, colourful adhesive tapes, non-toxic paints, stencils and objects of the particular shape and other art material. In workshops, we will explore the following shapes with our guides: a circle, square, rectangle, triangle, lozenge, line, oval, and hexagon.

This art workshop for children and their parents will be led by Hana and Tomáš Volkmer. We can all create together!

Hana Volkmerová, lecturer of art-educational programmes and art workshops and member of the dramaturgy board for the international puppetry festival Spectaculo interesse in the Ostrava Puppet Theatre, currently on maternity leave. She collaborated as dramaturge with several directors, mainly in productions for children and youth. She is the author of several scripts for puppet theatres. In 2005 she founded the association Theatr ludem, which offers drama workshops for schools and educational institutions in the Moravian-Silesian region as well as puppet therapy classes.

Tomáš Volkmer, artist, stage designer and graphic designer who has been cooperating with the Ostrava Puppet Theatre for over two decades. He authored many stage designs for children's productions, mainly in puppet theatres in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. In the Puppet Theatre Ostrava, in cooperation with his wife, he created Bato and Lato, a project of the first encounter with theatre for children aged six months to two years and their parents. He is the co-author of theurapeutic art-educational lessons with puppets, conducted under the Puppet Therapy trademark.

The workshop takes place as part of Dny fajne rodiny 2021.