• City Gallery of Contemporary Art




gin&PLATOnic: trngs (USA/D) / Ludwig Wandinger (D) / 10_r3n (PRC/D)

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission fee 100–120–150 CZK


The second concert from the Gin&Platonic collective series will offer life sets of the most contemporary electronic music from Berlin.


• Gin&Platonic
Since 2016 the four-member Ostrava-Prague music collective, presenting the contemporary experimental scene to the audience, has evolved from the bloggers’ beginnings into one of the most progressive labels in the Czech Republic and publishes music from all around the world: from Japan and Ukraine all the way to the American north-west. Besides its publishing activity, the collective organises the night club series Platonic and the dramaturgy of the Bukolika festival and collaborates with the PLATO gallery. Gin&Platonic also has a regular radio show on the Ma3azef platform where they present other interesting names from the experimental music scene.

• trngs
Multimedia artist from Boston, co-founder of the media_rins internet label and producer pushing the borders of contemporary experimental electronic music. In his maximalist music, he confronts the audience with a breathtaking number of arrhythmic beats and digital noise adventures. As written by the Canadian server SBVRSV: one almost feels as if listening to bits and bytes recorded in real-time into one’s brain. Music that doesn’t have a name yet.

• Ludwig Wandinger
Talented drummer, producer and visual artist living in Berlin. His ground-breaking EP “Rooms” released with the cult label Orange Milk draws inspiration from a seemingly paradox approach, connecting detailed sound design and raging impulses of an eclectic and improvising organism. Fascinating chaos with a sound art heart.

• 10r3n
China-born mystery artist living in Berlin and New York. In her work, she usually plays with the co-existence of romance and absurdity of digital tools and culture. Futurist sound design and meticulously programmed percussions meet in 10
r3n’s music.