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Thursday Cinema:

All our fears (PL, 2021)

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

90 min

In Polish with Czech subtitles

Admission fee to projections is included in the gallery admission.


Triggered by an unexpected tragedy, gay artist and activist Daniel, who is also a deeply religious man, tries hard to make the local community grieve together.

The relationship between the artist Daniel and Olek develops in secret. A teenage lesbian suicide triggers Daniel's fight to hit himself in the chest of the community. He is trying to organize a way of the cross for the girl. The people of his village turn their backs on him, Daniel tries to find understanding in the metropolitan world of art galleries. Based on facts, the story of Daniel, an artist from the countryside, strongly involved in the activities of the Catholic Church.


Directed by: Łukasz Ronduda, Łukasz Gutt
Screenplay: Łukasz Ronduda, Michał Oleszczyk, Katarzyna Sarnowska
Photography: Łukasz Gutt
Music: Paweł Juzwuk, Igor Kłaczyński, Marcin Lenarczyk, Bartosz Łupiński
Cast: Dawid Ogrodnik, Maria Maj, Andrzej Chyra, Oskar Rybaczek, Jacek Poniedziałek and others
Edit: Przemysław Chruścielewski, Kamil Grzybowski

The film is inspired by the life of Daniel Rycharski, whose exhibition The Valentines / Ash Wednesday was presented as part of the long-term exhibition cycle Oh and Hah, Beauty, Ruin and Slack in PLATO in 2021. One of the film's directors, Łukasz Ronduda, is also a curator of the Gallery of Modern Art in Warsaw.

Photo: Jaroslaw Sosinski