• City Gallery of Contemporary Art



Workshop for families with children:

Animal Planet

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Reservation required at info@plato-ostrava.cz

In Czech

Admission fee:
Fan 1 CZK
Supporter 30 CZK
Love 100 CZK


We will turn into urban animals and walk through the exhibition as they do. What is it like to live like a fox, a pigeon, a bee in the world of humans? With lecturer Jana Adamec Tkáčová.

Where can we move as an animal? We will walk through the gallery following the path of an urban animal, we will see how it can adapt to the new and where it can no longer adapt. We will capture reports of our sightings and leave them in the newsroom. The workshop aims to develop empathy, mindfulness and respect for all beings.

Jana Adamec Tkáčová is a scenographer and lecturer specializing in kindergarten children and a mother of two daughters.

Foto: Dominika Goralska, PLATO