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Creative Learning

An educational project aimed at promoting creative learning in PLATO.


Kindergarten Šafaříková, Ostrava
Primary and Kindergarten School Vražné
Institute of Anxiety, Prague
Czech Permaculture Institute


Animal Editorial – Apply Lipstick, Change Coat – Wish in the Garden

Contemporary artistic practice that mediates urgent social issues (ecology, empathy, permaculture, climate crisis, feminism, gender roles, identities, safe zones, health, physicality, motherhood) helps children and young people develop critical thinking, understanding of context, communicative skills and problem-solving competences, social, personal and civic. Therefore, the goal of the “Animal Editorial – Apply Lipstick, Change Coat – Wish in the Garden” project is to create the type of educational activity formats that will support the natural integration of contemporary art into the educational process. A parallel aim is to develop and facilitate collaboration between arts professionals (artists and artists, gallery lecturers and tutors), children's education professionals (teachers), parents and young people.

The project is implemented thanks to the support of: