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An educational project aimed at promoting creative learning by bringing a creative approach to school teaching through artists. The project is organized by the Municipality of Ostrava, PLATO is one of the partners.

Principal investigator:
City of Ostrava

PLATO Ostrava
THeatr ludem
Moravskoslezská vědecká knihovna


The main goal of the project is to increase the quality of education and enrich teaching in Ostrava with a focus on kindergartens and primary schools by supporting education in creative ways, using various forms of art.

PLATO activities within the project

We promote creative learning through the involvement of artists in the classroom, not only in art classes but also in science and other humanities classes. By bringing artists into the classroom and working with teachers on the design and delivery of lessons, cross-curricular relationships and mutual inspiration are forged. Artists gain insight into the school system from the perspective of the school and the teacher can gain a new perspective on the subject they are teaching.

Two elementary schools in Ostrava were selected for the project, a total of 4 classes and 3 artists. The first school is Šalounova Primary School, where two 7th grade classes will be taught a total of 8 times by Slovak artist Monika Pascoe Mikyšková. The second school we have chosen is Mitušova Primary School, where one 6th and one 7th grade class will be taught by the artistic tandem Anto_nie and Alex Sihelsk* for a total of 8 times. In total, the artists will teach 80 lessons.

The project is implemented thanks to the support of: