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Lucie Rosenfeldová: Oh, my own?

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22

Daniela and Linda Dostálková

The intervention is connected with Temporary Structures 3 (cloakroom).

Recommended admission fee 30 CZK


Lucie Rosenfeldová’s work for the PLATO cloakroom (Oléne Studio).

The installation examines the possibility of bodily incorporation of an image, an imprint of the environs behind the eyelids as an alternative means of documentation and appropriation. The starting point for an intervention in the cloakroom by Klára Hosnedlová is the perception of clothing as an imagery layer touching the body. The artist makes a reference to her previous work, Restlessness of One's Own, where she depicts the relationships of the body embracing an image and the replacement of physical contact through image and personal myth.

The rear wall of the functional cloakroom, being a work of art by Klára Hosnedlová entitled Studio Oléne, is a backdrop, or a place where we showcase a single work or project created by artists, designers or photographers who are interested in fashion, surfaces, the consumer world and stylisation as the characteristic features of today.



photo: Martin Polák
photo: Martin Polák
photo: Martin Polák