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Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2023 Exhibition

  1. PLATO Bauhaus, Janáčkova 22
Jindřich Chalupecký Society in cooperation with PLATO

Opening on 1 November 2023 at 6 pm

Artists: Kryštof Brůha, Lenka Glisníková, Petra Janda, Gabriela Těthalová, Stony Tellers

International guest: Jonas Staal

Curators: Barbora Ciprová, Veronika Čechová, Tereza Jindrová a Karina Kottová (curatorial collective of the Jindřich Chalupecký Society) a Jakub Adamec (PLATO)


Presentation of the finalists of the most important Czech award for artists under 35.

The Jindřich Chalupecký Award 2023 Exhibition will present four individual artists and one artistic group. Kryštof Brůha, Lenka Glisníková, Petra Janda, Gabriela Těthalová and the Stony Tellers collective are among the laureates of the 34th edition. The joint exhibition is held in Ostrava – the second time outside Brno and Prague. The exhibition is accompanied by the Propaganda Station project of this year's foreign guest, the internationally established Dutch artist Jonas Staal. His work has long been concerned with the relationship between art, propaganda and democracy.

Detailed information

Main partners: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City of Ostrava, City of Prague

Jindřich Chalupecký Award, named in honor of the leading Czech theorist and critic of visual arts and literature, essayist and philosopher, was founded in 1990 by Václav Havel, Jiří Kolář and Theodor Pištěk. It is awarded to visual artists up to the age of 35 who live or work in the Czech Republic.