• City Gallery of Contemporary Art



Temporary Structures 6


Than Hussein Clark, Martin Zet and Daria Melnikova

Michal Novotný, Marek Pokorný, Iveta Horáková, Alice Sovadinová

The exhibitions run throughout the period of PLATO’s activity in the building on Janáčkova St. 22 (former Bauhaus store).


The projects from the final phase of building the gallery facilities encompass a monumental stage for theatre performances, concerts and performance art, an education facilities dedicated to educational activities and creative workshops, and the last of four presentation structures – display. After a year of residence in the former hobby market the Temporary Structures exhibition cycle has come to an end.

Temporary Structures is PLATO’s year-long project when the city gallery’s backup facilities in the former Bauhaus are created by artists. Instead of traditional exhibitions we present a library, a bistro, a shop, a cinema and a garden as works of art.

An area of almost 5000 m2 in an empty hobby-market to be used temporarily as a gallery. These initial conditions provoked us to make an experiment in collaboration with artists. Instead of traditional exhibitions we present the gallery’s essential backup facilities, which can be used for at least a few years, until PLATO finally moves to its permanent location in the reconstructed city slaughterhouse.

We have invited artists from the Czech Republic and around the world to take part in the experiment and help us build PLATO’s infrastructure in the course of 2018 and 2019 – gradually, over several subsequent stages of the Temporary Structures project. Simultaneously, the interior also accommodated works from three existing art collections exhibited as a “temporary structure” in its own right.