• City Gallery of Contemporary Art



Meeting point:

For mineralogists / guests Oldřich Hamera a David Koloušek

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

The meeting point supplements a Temporary Structure 1 (café) and the PLATO Geolocation

Recommended admission fee 30 CZK


A new regular format, this time for the fans, collectors, admirers and lovers of minerals and nature. The meeting point will be opened by the artist and amateur mineralogist Oldřich Hamera and the chemist and mineralogist David Koloušek (VŠCHT university).

The main objective is to meet people and see them regularly, as well as debates, sharing of experience, information, finds, discoveries and instructions. We want to create a space for discussions regarding the genesis of minerals, their occurrence and working – cutting, polishing, carving, discussions about mineralogical products and instruments. It should also be an opportunity to showcase your finds or acquisitions, to exchange and identify minerals and fossils and to plan joint mineralogical excursions and trips.

The meetings of mineralogists will be held in the PLATO Café. We will share experience, information, finds, manners of working and know-how.