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Freeshop PLATO

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Where: to the right of the main entrance

Admission free


Opening of our new permanent intervention in front of PLATO entrance.

2 pm
Opening for social workers, non-profits or activists working with poor or disadvantaged clients

6 pm
Opening for public
Performance by Samčo, brat dážďoviek
Snacks from surplus food: Food Not Bombs Ostrava

Freeshop PLATO

Authors of the concept: Zuzana Šrámková, Jakub Adamec

Authors of the object: Barbora Kurtinová, Jakub Černý

Graphic design: Barbora Kurtinová

Cooperation: Food Not Boms Ostrava

The freeshop is intended to serve the socially disadvantaged, students or homeless people, but also those who will use its contents or like the idea. We are all about the principle of solidarity, strengthening trust and improving local relationships.

For the realisation of the object we used the offer from the Library of Materials.

Barbora Kurtinová and Jakub Černý: Freeshop. Photo: Zuzana Šrámková, PLATO