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Opening and Audio Performance:

Smouldering Ruin, An Image

  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Admission free


Opening of exhibition by Daniela and Linda Dostálková which forms the fourth scene of the series Oh and Hah, Beauty, Ruin and Slack. Audio performative situation by Tomáš Knoflíček.

The fourth scene Smouldering Ruin, An Image :

Daniela and Linda Dostálková: Verbal Slip
Curator: Edith Jeřábková

What inadvertently slips from our mouths may be outside the bounds of correctness, but it can lead to important changes at various levels. The Verbal Slip exhibition imaginatively reflects on the limits of correctness and our own imprisonment and freedom within the principles of ethical, ecological, sustainable and interspecies living.

Participative performance:

Tomáš Knoflíček: I hear the ruin of all space…

All visitors are welcome to join the performance. All you need to do is bring your Bluetooth speaker. We will also have some to lend on the spot. The artist will download sounds into your speaker, and you will then be able to use them to accompany his performance. Please, come at 5.30 pm.

The audio-performative situation by Tomáš Knoflíček “I hear the ruin of all space, …” is inspired by the theme of the fourth scene, Smouldering Ruin, from the cycle Oh and hah, beauty, ruin and slack:

“… shattered glass and toppling masonry, and time one livid final flame.” (James Joyce, Ulysses)

A participatory sound event based on working with audio recordings of building demolitions, mixed with authentic sounds from PLATO. The project may evoke an early requiem for the space, but it is also an attempt to delay its expected end and ascribe to it the status of an eternal temporary measure.

Tomáš Knoflíček is a curator, theoretician, art historian, and musician, known in the field of experimental music mainly for his association with the Gurun Gurun formation. He organises the festival of contemporary art, Kukačka (Cuckoo) and works at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava.

Special thanks: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Moravian-Silesian Region