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A month of open doors in the slaughterhouse:

Two events for families with children

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  1. PLATO, Porážková 26

Where: former municipal slaughterhouse, Porážková St.

Reservation required

Capacity 30 people

For children from 5 years of age

Admission free


Special guided tour of the slaughterhouse for families and children (aged five and above) with Hana and Tomáš Volkmer.

Come with your children to the newly reconstructed former slaughterhouse and enjoy the interactive tour of the building before the city gallery PLATO moves in. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The month of open doors is organized by the City of Ostrava in cooperation with PLATO and the Municipal Studio of Spatial Planning and Architecture (MAPPA).

PLATO will start its activity in the reconstructed building of the slaughterhouse in September 2022.